Must Read if you Want to Preserve Your Jewelry

Must Read if you Want to Preserve Your Jewelry

Gold and silver jewelry are timeless symbols of beauty and luxury. These precious metals have a charm that goes beyond fashion trends, whether they've been passed down through your family or acquired as special treasures. 

It's important to know how to take care of them to make sure your favourite pieces stay dazzling for a long time.

Follow Our Guide to Preserve Your Jewelry

In this guide, we'll explore easy ways to maintain the splendor of your gold and silver jewelry. We'll cover simple daily care routines and tips to protect them from the harmful environment.

it's important to understand that even though there are different types of gold (yellow, white, rose), they should be cared for in the same way.

Avoid Wearing Jewelry in Pools and While Showering 

  • The pool water, containing chlorine and various chemicals, can be abrasive to your jewelry, potentially causing discolouration.
  • It's essential to remove your gold jewelry before swimming.
  • Similarly, while water alone won't damage gold, frequent exposure in the shower can gradually reduce its brilliance.

Refrain from wearing jewelry while bathing or showering to preserve the lustre of your gold.

Put on Jewelry Last

In the routine care of gold and silver jewelry, make it a habit to put on your jewelry pieces last when getting ready. This helps avoid the accumulation of perfume or makeup on your jewelry, preventing potential damage or dulling of the finish.

Polish and Buff Your Accessories

Now and then, take the time to polish your gold jewelry.

How often should you clean gold jewelry?

Aim for a monthly or bi-monthly polishing routine to minimize scratches and restore the stunning shine of your pieces.

If you want to know how to protect gold jewelry, you’ll need to remember to do routine cleanings. Over time, gold can build up exposure to oils, dust, and makeup, causing it to dull.

The Best Way to Clean Gold Jewelry is Simply by Following these Tips:

  • Use Warm Water and Dish Soap: this will keep your jewelry clean, and dish soap is non-abrasive and won't harm your gold.
  • Avoid using toothpaste, bleach, and even baking soda which are too harsh to clean gold jewelry.
  • Let them Soak: You should let your jewelry soak for about 3 hours, which is safe since dish soap is a mild cleaner.
  • Use a Soft-Bristled Brush: To learn how to polish gold jewelry at home, you just want to clean each piece individually with a very soft-bristled brush, a soft-bristled toothbrush, or even a cotton swab.
  • Use a Jewelry Polishing Cloth: Don't use a paper towel or tissue as these can scratch gold. Instead, use a soft polishing cloth.

Cleaning Gold Plated vs. Gold Coated

Taking care of gold-plated and gold-coated jewelry requires different approaches. Even though gold plating and gold coating seem similar, they involve distinct processes. Gold plating uses electricity to coat the metal, while gold coating simply applies a thin layer of gold onto a base metal.

Gold-Plated Cleaning 

Gold-plated pieces require more gentle cleaning to avoid wearing the gold layer.

It is advised to use a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid damage during cleaning.

Gold-Coated Cleaning 

Gold-coated pieces are more resilient when it comes to cleaning. They can be cleaned with a soft cloth or mild detergent for a deep clean. It is still advised against cleaning with chemical cleaners.

Gold-coated jewelry is known for being extremely durable. It has a high resistance to tarnishing, fading, and scratching.

To learn to clean and preserve your silver jewelry, we recommend reading the article How to Clean Silver Jewelry So It Shines.


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Tips for Adequate Jewelry Storage

Ensuring the cleanliness of your gold jewelry is not the only concern; proper storage is equally vital.

Understanding how to care for gold jewelry includes knowing how to store it correctly.

Unfortunately, this aspect is often overlooked, but it plays a crucial role in preserving the longevity and beauty of your precious pieces.

The following are steps to take to store your gold jewelry properly:

Step 1: Select a jewelry box lined with fabric and separate compartments.

Step 2: Gold jewelry should be wrapped in soft tissue, in an individual bag, or a cloth pouch. One of the major mistakes some novice jewelry collectors make is bagging all their items loosely in a bag or container. It can only hurt your sparkling things if you bag them all together.

It's always recommended to separate your jewelry into individual bags or small boxes, such as padded slots for rings. Many people use posts or hooks to hang their necklaces and bracelets.

When it comes to silver, a key consideration when trying to prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing is keeping the goodies dry and separated from potentially tarnished jewelry.

Don't mix chemicals and jewelry

If you’d like to take your jewelry for a spin, be sure to avoid using harmful chemicals that could damage your necklaces, rings, and bracelets. For example, perfume and cologne contain chemicals that could discolour certain precious metals.

Be mindful of the environmental factors

Exposure to the elements (water, air, dirt, heat) can harm certain types of jewelry. Silver, for one, tarnishes when exposed to direct sunlight, and salt water erodes the finish of many gemstones.

Heat can mess up the colouring in certain gems and degrade some metals, so ensure your precious wearables aren’t facing some sudden temperature changes.


As we finish talking about taking care of your jewelry, one thing is clear – each piece is more than just its value. Your jewelry is full of memories, stories, and the skill that went into making it special. By using the simple tips and advice in this guide, you've learned how to keep your jewelry safe and hold onto the sentimental value these shiny treasures have.

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