Crafting Your Signature Style with our personal fashion quiz

Crafting Your Signature Style with our personal fashion quiz

If you've been following along with us so far, I assume you're interested in building a wardrobe that's both carefully stylish and practical. This time we want to provide you with tools and insights to kickstart the real journey - defining your fashion style.

It involves trying out different pieces and outfits, discovering what makes you feel confident and comfortable, and finding clothes and accessories that enhance your natural beauty. This process will require patience, practice, and a bit of investment in both time and money, however in the end, you'll gain a clearer understanding of your fashion style and receive some guidance to create the wardrobe you've always envisioned.

What is personal style and why does it matter?

Personal style is the unique and distinctive way individuals express themselves through clothing and accessories. It's about curating a wardrobe that reflects one's personality, preferences, and values.

Understanding your personal fashion style is crucial as it allows you to showcase your individuality, boosts confidence, guides smart shopping decisions, and contributes to personal branding in both personal and professional settings.

Ultimately, it's about feeling empowered to express yourself authentically through your clothing choices.

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Personal Fashion Style Quiz

I've developed a quiz to assist you in exploring and defining your fashion style, which is meant to be a fun and insightful exercise, helping you uncover your style preferences and offering inspiration for your future fashion endeavors.

Let's get started!

  1. What's your body type:
    a) Long and rounded: You appear taller with a softly defined waist and prominent hips.
    b) Not curvy, not straight: Your waist is slightly smaller, and neither your breasts nor hips are very defined.
    c) Long and straight: You seem taller with a less defined waist and small to average-sized breasts.
    d) Petite and straight: You look smaller with an undefined waist and small to average-sized breasts.
    e) Long, straight, and broader: You look taller with broader shoulders and an undefined waist.
    f) Hourglass: You have full and rounded breasts with a very prominent hip line.

  2. How would your friends describe you?
    a) Exotic
    b) Traditional and reserved/proper
    c) Powerful, strong (striking)
    d) Playful, lively
    e) Relaxed, informal
    f) Alluring
    g) Unsure

  3. Which fit do you prefer?
    a) Loose
    b) Slightly fitted or semi-fitted
    c) Straight
    d) Straight and cropped
    e) Relaxed, oversized
    f) Fitted
    g) Unsure

  4. What colors attract you most?
    a) Metallic blue, purple, green
    b) Neutrals (beige, gray, navy)
    c) Dark and bright
    d) Bright
    e) Earth tones (green, brown, blue)
    f) Red, pink, black
    g) Unsure

  5. What accessories dominate your wardrobe?
    a) Long and shapeless
    b) Fine, simple, and small
    c) Chunky and geometric
    d) Small and geometric
    e) Layered with natural materials
    f) Small and rounded
    g) Unsure

  6. What are your favorite patterns or prints?
    a) Abstract
    b) Simple patterns (small dots, navy stripes)
    c) Geometric and animal print
    d) Geometric (lumberjack, thin stripes)
    e) Wild and irregular (tribal, bohemian)
    f) Floral patterns
    g) Unsure

  7. What type of pants do you prefer? a) Wide leg, flared, palazzo b) Slim-fit, skinny c) Straight, bootcut d) Skinny and cropped e) Cargo pants, straight f) Skinny g) Unsure

  8. What silhouette of dress do you like to wear? a) Long blouson b) Sheath, tailored c) Straight, long, asymmetrical d) Shift, A-line e) Maxi relaxed f) Bodycon, Slip g) Unsure

  9. What bottom length flatters you best? a) Full length, maxi designs (flowing) b) Moderate length (tailored) c) Long (straight) d) Short (straight) e) Long (relaxed or oversized) f) Moderate (fitted or tapered) g) Unsure

  10. For a weekend, what would be your preferred outfit? a) Blouson dress and gladiator sandals b) Crew neck sweater, skinny pants, and ballerinas c) Bootcut pants, halter neck top, and oxford shoes d) Denim shorts, cropped-bright top, and canvas sneakers e) Relaxed linen dress and flat mules or sneakers f) Laced top, skinny pants, and pumps g) Unsure

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Check Your Results:

If your responses were primarily:

a) Your style embodies mystery 

Here are some suggestions to enhance your style: opt for long, flowing garments made from lightweight fabrics in solid colors. Prioritize simplicity over intricate prints and patterns. Experiment with wide-leg trousers, palazzo pants, or flared bottoms for an elongating effect. Consider maxi skirts with ruffles or pleats for added charm. Embrace elegance with full-length dresses or jumpsuits. Complete your look with long accessories that complement the flow of your attire.

b) Your style exudes elegance and formality.

Here's how to refine your style: choose semi-fitted garments of moderate length, crafted from high-quality fabrics. Go for classic designs that transition effortlessly between occasions. Embrace simplicity with plain styles and neutral colors. For bottoms, consider slim-fit pants or pencil skirts to accentuate your silhouette. Complete your ensemble with understated accessories that enhance your overall look.

c) Your style makes a bold, striking statement.

Here are some suggestions to amplify your style: go for long, straight silhouettes and thick, structured fabrics. Embrace asymmetric designs and dark, bold colors. Choose full-length, straight-cut pants or skirts for a clean silhouette. Consider asymmetrical dresses or jumpsuits for a unique look. Complete your ensemble with chunky, geometric accessories for a contemporary edge.

d) Your style is creative, playful, and fun.

Here's how to enhance your style: look for cropped and straight-cut clothing with bold textures and bright colors. Embrace intricate details and playful prints. Opt for fitted pants or shorts to highlight your silhouette. Experiment with fitted or straight dresses and jumpsuits. Complete your look with small, geometric accessories for a modern touch.

e) Your style embodies relaxation and sportiness.

Here's how to elevate your style: choose long, relaxed garments made from heavy fabrics in earthy tones. Embrace unstructured designs for freedom of movement. Choose full-length, relaxed pants or flowing skirts. Complete your look with accessories made from natural materials for an organic feel.

f) Your style exudes sensuality.

Here's how to refine your style: look for fitted, draped clothing in soft fabrics and bold colors. Embrace floral prints and feminine details. Go for fitted pants or flowing skirts to enhance your silhouette. Complete your look with rounded accessories for a soft, harmonious touch.


Embrace the process with patience and enthusiasm, and with each step, you'll move closer to creating the wardrobe you've always envisioned, expressing yourself authentically through your fashion choices.


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