Annual Closet Cleanse Follow our Step-By-Step Guide

Annual Closet Cleanse Follow our Step-By-Step Guide

Honestly, I haven't come across anyone who doesn't wish for additional closet space. However, the reality is that the problem often extends beyond space constraints when dealing with an overflowing wardrobe.

Between an abundance of fashion choices (some untouched for years), ineffective storage solutions, and an excess of accessories, it's no surprise that your closet is constantly overloaded.

Annual Closet Cleanse Step-by-Step

Annual closet cleanout is an excellent way to keep your closet arranged, so those who are looking to declutter and make the most of their closet space might find these strategies helpful:

1: Take everything out:

Empty your closet and assess your inventory. Uncover hidden items and eliminate those you most likely won't wear.

2. Set up a "zoning" system:

Categorize your items into groups like tops, denim, workouts, etc. Create zones for donation, consignment, and items to toss.

3. Build a capsule wardrobe:

Focus on versatile, must-have pieces that can be mixed and matched. Aim for a 20-30 pieces wardrobe to promote quality over quantity. Read our blog post: How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

4. Practice the 12-Month Rule:

Get rid of items not worn in the last 12 months. It helps make objective decisions about keeping or discarding items.

5. Resell items:

Recoup expenses by selling valuable items to consignment shops or resale apps. Here are some reselling sites:

6. Donate items:

Ensure donated items are in good condition. Wash clothing before donating and present items neatly to inspire others to buy secondhand. Hopefully, implementing these strategies can help you create a more organized and manageable closet and contribute to sustainable and mindful consumption.


In conclusion, tackling the common struggle for more closet space goes beyond mere physical constraints. The annual closet cleanout steps provided—emptying your closet, categorizing items, embracing a capsule wardrobe, and practicing the 12-Month Rule—offer a practical guide to decluttering. Consider reselling valuable items and donating those in good condition to promote sustainability. These strategies aim to create a more organized and manageable closet, simplifying your daily wardrobe choices while contributing to a mindful approach to fashion.

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